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The Master Flexibility Trainer course will show you how to become one of the best flexibility experts in the world.


Join a global community of hundreds of students in over 100 countries.


Get better results for both your own training and with others, faster.


Get more clients.


Get a higher earning potential.


Get ahead of an industry which is still a decade behind the research.


Lead the evolution of flexibility training!

What... it?

The Master Flexibility Trainer course is a 16-week online program of study that will teach you the foundation of everything you need to know about flexibility: what it is, why it is essential to health and athleticism, how to train it effectively, and how to coach it to others. The course is the distillation of nearly a quarter of a century of professional research and teaching experience by one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject. It is the most in-depth science-based education programme on flexibility training and coaching available anywhere.

...will I learn?

You will develop a fundamental understanding of flexibility, why the body adapts in particular ways to training inputs, and how to tailor those inputs to achieve the optimal outcome for each client based on their goals. The evolving syllabus incorporates the 12 Core Competencies of Flexibility Coaching:

  1. Structural Kinesiology – learn how the arrangement of the body affects and is affected by movement.
  2. Biomechanics – know how the cells, tissues, and systems of the body behave according to the universe's physical laws.
  3. Neurophysiology – discover how to work with the nervous system to improve range of motion and enhance other motor abilities that are influenced by flexibility.
  4. Motor learning/control - learn how to strengthen coordination through ranges of motion to expand the body's physical capabilities.
  5. Exercise physiology - see how chemistry plays a role in the acute and chronic adaptations of the body to physical training.
  6. Sport psychology - use cutting-edge techniques and strategies to get the most out of your clients during training.
  7. Neuromusculoskeletal injuries - learn to identify common injuries, why flexibility should be the cornerstone of the rehabilitation process, and how to get clients back doing the things they love as soon as possible.
  8. Pain science - understand the intimate relationship between pain and range of motion and how to target flexibility training to reduce pain levels.
  9. Examination and assessment - know how to determine a person's flexibility needs and learn different ways to assess current capacities to inform the training programme.
  10. Coaching skills - acquire the skills necessary to help people achieve their flexibility training goals.
  11. Scientific literacy - know how to find, understand, and interpret clinical research and develop the critical thinking skills needed to apply sound research conclusions to your practice.
  12. Business skills - learn how to run a successful coaching business doing what you love.

...will I get?

You get exclusive access to all of the following for life:

  • 30+ hours of recorded video lessons - watch as many times as you want!
  • Full transcripts and citation lists for all lessons.
  • The Flexibility Research Forum, a global community of fitness coaches, physical therapists, and health-minded individuals where you can engage, ask questions, and exchange ideas and information, all in a private and secure online space.
  • Connect with other community members using the Chat Room and Instant Messenger.
  • 1-hour live support calls held every week with Dan and other members of the Flexibility Research community (note: these are voluntary and attendance is not a required part of the course).
  • An archive of previous group support calls featuring countless pearls of wisdom - currently more than 100 hours of content and growing all the time!
  • Whatsapp support - direct 1-to-1 chats with Dan and the community chat.
  • Monthly bonus webinars that expand on the content delivered in the course.
  • Weekly research reviews of new and emerging research.
  • Early access to podcast episodes and interviews with leading researchers.
  • Exclusive written articles.
  • Exclusive discounts on future online courses and in-person events.
  • Earn money by referring other people to the course.
  • Ongoing support to help you establish and grow a successful coaching business - even after you graduate!
  • Ongoing social media marketing strategies that Dan himself has used to build an audience of over 60,000 followers with fantastic reach and engagement.
  • Free book giveaways - previous titles have included Biophysics Demystified and The Language of Coaching.

Upon graduation, you will receive:

  • Custom printed certificates complete with unique features like a security hologram, which are mailed to your home address wherever you are in the world (you get two copies) - these have been accepted for applications for PhD programmes!
  • Master Flexibility Trainer graduate's commemorative challenge coin.
  • A gift package including engraved pens and bookmarks. an "evolving syllabus?"

The course uses current best evidence. However, researchers make discoveries every day, and the collective knowledge base is continuously updating. The Master Flexibility Trainer course syllabus evolves to keep pace with those discoveries. The course can do that because it is written and taught by someone who has been reading, digesting, and applying flexibility research to his clients' training every day for almost 25 years. The Master Flexibility Trainer course will always be the most up-to-date flexibility education programme in the world.


Robert Joyce

Osteopath (London, UK)

"This course is hands down the most in depth course I’ve done since my 5 year degree. The amount we’ve covered over the weeks is immense but I never felt overwhelmed due to the support I’ve received and the logic of the teaching process. Overall I’m now a much more confident coach and therapist and have picked up several new clients as a result. Cannot recommend enough there’s nothing like this in the flexibility sphere."

Graham Anderson

Ninjutsu & Flexibility Instructor (Sydney, Australia)

"The Master Flexibility Trainer course is a massive game changer. Brilliant, impactful, and meaningful instruction that I have been able to put to use straight away with clients in my coaching business. Thank you!"

Asuka Sokabe, PhD

Sports Scientist & Kickboxer (Tokyo, Japan)

"Joining the course is the best investment in education I've ever made. I've taken every flexibility and "mobility" course there is, and nothing even comes close to this course's level of detail and no instructors match Dan's ability to make all the complex things very easy to understand. Dan is arguably the brightest mind in the field of flexibility training, but he's also a really nice guy who is clearly dedicated to his students."


Why... flexibility important?

Flexibility is the key to everything you want to do with your body. If you want strength, endurance, speed, agility, or coordination, you need flexibility. None of those things happens without flexibility. You cannot do anything with your body without flexibility. At its most basic definition, flexibility is the ability to move your body. Understanding what flexibility is and how to train it effectively and efficiently will enable you to improve other people's abilities to move their bodies.


...should I do this course instead of others?

We actively encourage you to seek out a wide variety of training experiences to broaden your knowledge. But no other system has ever covered the subject of flexibility training and coaching as thoroughly as the Master Flexibility Trainer course does. We do not say this lightly; people who join us after taking every other leading course on the market say it. Flexibility is paramount to physical ability, be that maintaining a fully functional body through your senior years or excelling at your favourite sport. The Master Flexibility Trainer course will give you the best education possible on the component of health that is most fundamental to human beings. Much of what the fitness industry teaches about flexibility is utterly wrong. Some training providers leave considerable gaps in their content. Others are rapidly trying to backfill the holes that have been made evident by Dan's teachings; this includes degree courses at universities. The Master Flexibility Trainer course will always lead the way in flexibility education.


Become an Amazing Coach

Excel in the 12 Core Competencies of Flexibility Coaching and have a successful career teaching other people to improve flexibility, movement skills, and quality of life!

Lifetime Access

Never pay twice to access the information you already paid for! Never pay expensive "licensing fees"! Pay once and access it as many times as you want. Get weekly support calls for life!

Tons of Content

30+ hours of core video lessons; unlimited weekly support calls; Whatsapp support; weekly research reviews; monthly webinars; watch recordings from previous support calls; ask unlimited questions and network with fellow learners from around the world!

How... the course delivered?


It is a 16-week online course. You will receive your login details to the Flexibility Research Forum within 24 hours of signing up. The first module will open on January 30. The remaining modules will open every Sunday at 7 pm UTC after that. The first group support call will take place on Sunday, January 30. You will have access to the group support call archive when Module 1 opens on January 30. You can read and post content in the Forum from this day also. The course is 16 weeks long but you can complete it in your own time. There are no deadlines. You can watch the lessons, attend group support calls, and ask questions as many times as you want.

...will I be assessed?


You will complete a written assignment at the end of each module, consisting of a varying number of questions based upon that week's content. You do not need to complete an assignment before you can watch the next module. You cannot fail the assignments because the course is a developmental learning programme. Its purpose is to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to be an excellent flexibility coach. You will be given as much support as necessary to understand any question you get wrong until you have a solid grasp of the material.  The final assessment will test your ability to design an effective programme based upon identified training needs. You can retake the final assessment as many times as needed until both you and Dan are confident in your skills as a flexibility coach.


Melissa Eleni

Flexibility & Pilates Coach

"I'm so happy I signed up to the Master Flexibility Trainer course! I wanted to dive deep into the science behind flexibility training and it's even better than I could have hoped for! Dan is able to concisely explain very complex concepts while giving you the tools to implement things into your own training and coaching. The course covers extremely extensive materials, while building upon knowledge each week. Dan's an amazing mentor and an amazing human, super respectful in his apprach to education and I feel very lucky to learn from him! The community of diverse professionals Dan is building is amazing and I've loved connecting with the others on the course and learning from each other! Can't wait for this community to grow :)"

Andrés Lippai

Callisthenics & Flexibility Coach

"In a world where there is tons of contradictions and mysticism around Flexibility Training, I found myself getting confused. Trying everything and getting some average results, but never really understanding what is happening. Dan helped me develop critical thinking, how to properly judge information and he pointed out everything that research has found to be effective (or not!) until now. Enrolling on this course was definitely one of my best decisions of 2020. I can see the whole picture more clearer than ever, I'm feeling more confident to teach Flexibility and I'm getting some massive gains myself. The best thing from the course is how Dan can explain to you very complex concepts in 30 minutes lessons and in a simple manner, making me feel calm as everything starts to make sense. Can't thank Dan enough for all the hard work he puts in. If you get into the course you'll know what I'm talking about."

Dr Jessica Davis

Clinical Psychologist & Researcher (San Diego, USA)

"I had the pleasure of learning from Dan at several of his in-person flexibility seminars when I competitively figure skated. His ability to teach complex topics in a conversational tone with simple words is what sets him apart from other instructors. That, and he seems to be able to answer any question on flexibility with considerable ease and insight! The level of attention to detail on the course is mindblowing, and the amount of care Dan puts into his responses on the forum is a sign of how much he loves this subject and cares for his students. This course has been one of the best educational experiences of my life."



...will be teaching me?


You will be taught directly by Dan Van Zandt, a biomechanics expert who has been researching and teaching the science of flexibility since 1998. A multiple-time world karate champion, his study of flexibility began when he started training in martial arts almost 35 years ago. He has received extensive mentorship from such flexibility powerhouses as Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Thomas Kurz during his career.

Dan holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Kinesiology (the study of human movement), focusing on Sport and Exercise Biomechanics. He is currently studying a Phd in cellular and tissue biomechanics. His many health and fitness qualifications include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and 200h Yoga Teacher. He also trained as a sports therapist.

Dan has extensive teaching experience, delivering lectures on biomechanics and flexibility training worldwide. His instruction is based upon his Biomechanical Model of Flexibility, which was the world's first physics-based approach to flexibility training. Dan has taught teams of physical therapists and sports medicine practitioners at some of the world's most prestigious dance companies, including Berlin State Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Paris Opera Ballet, and English National Ballet. He has lectured to undergraduate and postgraduate students at universities worldwide, including the University of Zurich, Humboldt University of Berlin, and University College London.

Dan holds black belts in six different systems of martial arts. He won gold medals at the Taekwondo World Games, European Taekwondo Championships, and he was a ten-time national champion. He was a three-time world full-contact karate champion and was the head strength and conditioning coach to the England Karate Team for five years. During that time, he received multiple international coaching awards.

Dan is also a peer reviewer for scientific and academic journals and a clinical trial auditor. He spends his days reading flexibility-related research, refining the course content, and sharing his findings and knowledge with a social media audience of over 60,000 followers. You will be learning from one of the best in the business.


Lifetime Learning Guarantee

This is not a pass/fail course or yet another scheme to separate you from your money in the hopes you never complete it. The Master Flexibility Trainer course is a lifetime development program, which will be available to you for as long as you want to access it - including when it evolves and improves to keep up-to-date with the latest scientific developments and research breakthroughs.


Tanja Ninić

Flexibility & Callisthenics Coach

"Coming from a biology background, I can now finally connect the void between the theory and real life experience. I feel like most people who teaches coaches, either lack the scientific background or they are too nerdy and don't know how it is to practice in real life. So what I like with Dan is, that he practiced for many years himself and knows that not everything is linear and exact when you actually practice something, but he also has the scientific base. This is why I feel that I can finally connect the dots. I knew from my biology studies about the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry. And I knew from being a coach who practices what they preach about training. This course helped me find a new purpose from all the theoretical knowledge I had before. No BS, just science based information that is presented in a way that will make sense even for people who don't come from a natural sciences background. I do HAVE TO mention that on top of everything written above, he's also a very cool, approachable person. One of the things I like the most is that he's not dogmatic and always open to changing his mind, as long as the evidence supports a new theory. This makes me feel like I'm learning based on facts and I'm not just part of some cult, like it can feel a lot of times nowadays in this industry. All in all, this was the best purchase of 2020 and I'm grateful to be part of the first students of this course."

Ken Chow

Researcher & Trainer (New York, USA)

"Dan, just a quick message with feedback about the course. It's brilliant. I'd even say it's probably the best course I've ever done. I was sceptical about flexibility because I've only ever been told it's passive and therefore useless. Now I realize how short-sighted that mindset was. I wish you had been the presenter on my biochem masters and when I took my CSCS. Compared to you, those teachers had zero personality or understanding of how to communicate with human beings. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to finish the course. Thank you man."

Katie Taylor

Student (Birmingham, UK)

"The master flexibility trainer course is amazing! I'm currently on module 3 and the course has opened my eyes so much. I had to watch some lessons a few times to truly understand the content, but that was because I'm completely new to anything related to training or the human body. The way Dan explains things is brilliant. I haven't been able to get on any of the group calls yet because of family commitments, but being able to watch them back is priceless. Dan doesn't shy away from any questions and always checks to see if the answer he gave was the answer the person was looking for. I've been on training in the past (not fitness related) and the teacher would answer the question and move on without checking if the student understood. It's easy to recognise a good teacher and Dan is definitely one of the best! This course has also given me a way out of the depression of the pandemic. I worked in retail for 18 years until last year, then Covid hit and I found myself unemployed for the first time in my entire adult life. To cut a long story short, I've always had an interest in health and thought about getting into training other people, but I was always too scared. Thanks to Dan and the course I'm now getting the confidence to finally chase that dream!"


The number of spaces available at each intake is limited to ensure quality of instruction and support. Spaces are available on a strictly first come, first serve basis. The next intake will not open for some time. Sign up now to join the flexibility coaching revolution and avoid disappointment!

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